Where Can You Find God?

Where can you find God?

One person says, “I find God when I’m in the forest. I look at those magnificent Redwoods; I hear the music of the stream dancing beside me; I watch the Bald Eagle swoop from its perch.”

This is good. God is there.

Another says, “I find God when I’m sailing on the Pacific. I see the dolphins emerge playfully from the water; I hear the waves pound against the shore; I dive below, and see the elaborate coral.”

This is good. God is there.

Yet another says, I find God when I look up into the dark sky. I see the moon reflecting the sun’s light; I look for Mars, off in the distance; I watch a meteor crash through the atmosphere.”

This is good. God is there.

But God is not only in those places.

God can be found walking with those who have been enslaved by other humans. God can be found holding the hands of children on the pediatric oncology floor. God can be found washing the grime off the feet of friends.

God can be found opposing those who raise themselves up haughtily. God can be found rescuing those who cannot free themselves. God can be found running after those who run away. God can be found weeping with those who weep. God can be found laughing with those who laugh.

The resurrection, in fact, turns the whole matter on its head. Rather than asking, “Where can God be found?”, the more fundamental question is, “Who is being found by God?”